Nutrition coaching could be a good fit for you if: 

  • You’re looking to learn more about food and what a healthy diet looks like practically.

  • You have sports specific goals where you need to eat a certain way.

  • You have an event coming up where you need to lose weight.

  • You want a program to follow that will help you achieve the results you want physically.

Nutrition coaching is for those of you who want to know how to eat better but don’t exactly know what that looks like. You may already eat healthy but feel that you could make some small changes that will help you get closer to your goals, or be involved in a sport that requires a special diet you need to follow. Nutrition coaching is centred around the physical components of what makes a healthy diet, looking at the food you eat and the amount of exercise you engage in.

Nutrition Coaching Package includes:

1 hour in depth consultation

Program with sample meal plan and guidelines to follow (depending on your goals)

3 follow up phone calls-spanned over two months