What is eating psychology?

If you've ever experienced a dysfunctional relationship with food or your body in any way, if you've been through diet program after diet program finding minimal long term success, or if you have any unwanted eating challenge that you don't know how to overcome, eating psychology coaching could be a good fit for you.

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Through my own struggles with food and with body image, I learnt very quickly that dieting wasn't going to change the way I felt about my body, or change the way my body looked. I have struggled with many eating and health challenges in the past and discovered through my formal education, as well as my own history, that my issues with food and body were the result of other things in my life I wasn’t happy with.

What does your journey with me look like?

6-Month Ultimate Package

It takes great courage to invest in yourself and commit to six months of healing your relationship with food and body; change doesn't happen immediately. In six months, you will receive a total of 13 one hour coaching sessions with me on a bi weekly basis either face to face or remotely via phone or video conferencing. We will go through all the areas of your life that cause you to have an unhealthy relationship with food and with your body in an in-depth consultation where I will help you understand the emotional connections you have between life and food. I'll teach you how to eat, what to eat and how to overcome emotional triggers that cause you to turn to food. Each session is individual to your needs so there will not be a tailored cookie cutter program for you to follow, but a program designed specifically for you. After each session, you'll receive an email going over the key points of what we discussed, as well as homework to do in between meetings that will give you practical and useful tools in your everyday life. After your six month program is done, you will be able to better understand why you use food, how to overcome using food and have a sturdy foundation of how to feed yourself and take care of your emotional health. In six months, your relationship with food and with your body will be completely transformed.  

Single Session

Not everyone is at the place financially or mentally to commit to six months of coaching, which is why I also offer single sessions for you to use at your own discretion either face to face or remotely via phone or video conferencing. Following an in-depth consultation, each session will be centred around discovering the reasons you have an unhealthy relationship towards food or your body and what you can start to do to change it. Each session will include homework that's specifically tailored to what you need after each session. 

What's the Cost?

6- Month Ultimate Package

Face to Face

$110.00 per session = $1430.00 total


$100.00 per session = $1300.00

Single Session

Face to Face

$120.00 per session

$330.00 for 3 sessions

$450.00 for 5 sessions


$110.00 per session

$300.00 for 3 sessions

$375.00 for 5 sessions