It's no surprise that dieting for long-term weight loss, doesn't work. We know this by study after study showing that over 95% of people who lose weight on a weight loss diet, will gain the weight back in less than 3 years (if you can keep it off that long to begin with). Most people gain the weight back within a few months, truth be told. I have worked with so many clients that are frustrated and ready to give up all together after being through the dieting-weight loss-cycle over and over again.

My clients are usually the people who have tried everything they can (physically) to lose weight, have lost a significant amount of weight, but gained it all back. My clients have done Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss, Dr. Bernstein and every other diet you could imagine. I'm the person people come to when all of those other avenues have failed them over and over again. 

To you that may sound overwhelming, but to me, these are the people I want to work with, and that I need to work with. Yes it's a shame that they've wasted thousands of dollars on systems that didn't help them, but actually hurt them. Yes, it's a shame that the damage they've done to their metabolism and psyche from calorie restriction and quick weight loss isn't easy to reverse. Yes it's a shame that the people they were supposed to trust, didn't have their best interest at heart. 

While all of these things are unfortunate, they were also necessary for these people to see the truth. Sometimes we need to go through all the junk, the misinformation, the trial and error, before we can see that what we are doing isn't working. Unless you have a revelation for yourself, you'll always go back to doing the same thing. 

One of the biggest revelations each one of my clients has gotten, was realizing that the reasons they struggled with food really had nothing to do with food itself. Our inner world controls our physical body. If there's areas in our lives that are creating emotional stress, our physical body will manifest symptom. 

We've been told that the only way to change our health or our body is by doing things that modify behaviour (like eating less and exercising more), but we never see long-term results. If we don't look deeper than surface level, and ask why we've become discontent in our body, why our health is struggling, why we turn to food or overeat, nothing gets resolved. 

The only way you will change your physical body on a long-term basis, is by changing what's going on in your internal world. Yes you need to eat healthy and exercise, that's a no-brainer, but being healthy has to do with more than just what goes in, but what's inside of you already that you're not dealing with. When you deal with the things that are oppressing you on an emotional and spiritual level, you'll gain insight in what you need to change in order for your body to change. 

Marc David said it perfectly when he says, "Personal Power = Metabolic Power".

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