I absolutely love cars. I love these fast, exotic, hand crafted, beautiful pieces of artwork. I just look at all the work that's been put into a high performance vehicle and I'm amazed at how something can be so graceful and elegant, yet so ferocious and agile at the same time. If you know anything about expensive cars, you know that in order for them to run efficiently you must put premium gasoline in them, and you must maintain them on a regular basis. If you don't, your beautiful car will eventually stop running. 

When I met my husband he owned a silver Porsche Boxster S with a red leather interior. Although the Boxster is in by no means a match for a 911 or a Ferrari, I loved it dearly. It was fast, sexy and got an extreme amount of attention (not all good attention unfortunately, sorry for the ticket hunny xo). It was agile, sophisticated and fierce. Although the Germans thought out the design carefully, if I were to put regular gasoline in it's engine, the car would be ruined. No amount of me loving that car would change it's it's unfortunate fate if I gassed up with cheap fuel. 

As we begin to change our mindsets around food, we also need to change what we actually put in our mouths. We can think positive thoughts all we want, but if there is no action to accompany what we believe, we will ultimately be unsuccessful in our goal to change our health, our relationship with food and maybe even lose a few pounds. Although we can exponentially increase our well-being, our metabolism and our life energy by changing what we say and what we think about food and body, we still have to put the right stuff in to make us truly healthy on every level.

Just like the Ferrari needs to have premium gasoline put in it to run efficiently, you and I as human beings need premium, high quality food in order for our bodies to run efficiently. If you put regular fuel in a beautiful piece of machinery, it won’t run at its highest potential and eventually that regular, cheaper gasoline will be so detrimental to how it was designed as a motor vehicle, that it won’t run anymore. Since we're human beings, not cars or machinery, the same basic principal works for us too. We are beautifully crafted, wondrous individuals that need high quality food to make us run the the most optimal level. Put cheap food-like products in your body instead of the real thing, and you can expect your body to run at a suboptimal level. Continue to do this over a long period of time to your body, and you can sit back and watch your body fall apart.

Seeing as we're not actual Ferraris, and we don’t live off premium gasoline, I guess the question all of us are asking is “what exactly do we eat”? This is both a simple and complex question at the same time with no one right answer for any single person. As I've explained in the past, we are all individuals in our make-up, and our requirements for what we need to eat on a physical level, mental level and spiritual level will differ depending on what's going on in our lives. The way you eat when you're a toddler is going to differ from the way you eat when you're an adult. The way you eat on a regular basis to maintain your health is going to be different than if you're an athlete training for an olympic event. The way a woman eats is going to be different than when she's pregnant...Diet's change because life changes. It's supposed to be that way. 

What you should eat is determined against so many different factors that you will be the only one who will know exactly what to eat at any given time. The best advice I can give you though is that real whole foods in their abundant variety will always be a sure fire way for you to stay healthy and continue to eat right. In his documentary In Defence of Food, Michael Pollen sums up what we should eat in just 7 words

"Eat food, not too much, mostly plants".

I absolutely love this statement and follow it myself. When clients ask what they should eat, this is often a quote that I will use. It’s simple, it’s concise and there is room for variety.

Whether you’re a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan, we can all stand to follow this advice. Eat real whole foods that are as close to the way they are in nature, don’t eat too much and focus your diet on plant based foods that are naturally rich in essential nutrients that will aid in building up your body. If the human body is even more intricate and special than any exotic car, should we not treat ourselves even better than we do a piece of machinery?

What kinds of food do you feed yourself? Do you see yourself as a Ferrari, or do you see yourself as a Ford Fiesta? (nothing against fiestas).


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Picture by Nicole Slaughter-Grahm http://blog.dupontregistry.com/news/laferrari-spider-confirmed-new-ferrari-ceo/