What is the meaning of life if there is no passion?

I've had passion on my mind lately. In fact, I've had passion on my mind on and off for a few years now. I believe that passion is the missing link to true weight loss, body transformation, and a fulfilled and abundant life.

Research has shown that 96-98% of people who lose weight on a weight loss diet gain it all back within 1-2 years. We believe that exercise and diet alone will help us achieve the body and the health we want, but if this were true, why is there a staggering amount of people who lose weight on weight loss specific programs and gain it all back in such a short time? 

Why is exercise and diet just not enough to sustain long term body change?

The answer: A lack of passion.

Passion is what drives us, it motivates us, it propels us into what we desire and what we long to achieve. Passion is an intrinsic motivation that steers us towards the battle ground and plans for victory. Without passion, we simply survive instead of thrive. Without passion, we are at the mercy of mediocrity and lay the path for our own defeat and regression.

Do you know why some people are so successful when it comes to changing their body and the way they eat?

It's because they are passionate about it. Athletes become gold medalists because they have a passion for their sport, they don't settle with being mediocre in what they love. Singers, writers, painters, mathematicians, geologists, CEO's of successful businesses get somewhere because they had a vision and a passion for something greater. That passion didn't let them quit or give in, it only pushed them farther.

The reason why exercise and diet just aren't enough to sustain long term change is because there is a lack of passion on the inside. You may want to look good in a bathing suit or be able to have more confidence when you look in the mirror, that's totally fine, but if there is a lack of passion, there will ultimately be a lack of drive to succeed further and indefinitely. The intrinsic motivation is only knee deep without passion and a clear vision.

There are fitness models, personal trainers, athletes, and everyday people who change their bodies with diet and exercise and keep the weight off, yes, but I promise if you get to know those people, you will find out that there is something deeper going on. There will unquestionably be a passion inside of them that is their driving force and a deeper motivation that is the basis for something greater than just looking good.

People with passion will always excel faster than those who don't have passion at all. Someone who isn't passionate about eating healthy or exercising, and just does it because they think they have to and not because they want to, will never succeed like someone who has a different attitude and a true passion for it. 

I know so many people who love food, they love to cook, they love to create and they love what food does for their body. Subsequently, I know people who spend their life pushing food away, hating it, fearing it and seeing it only as a burden, or worse, they see food merely as fuel and nothing else. Those people are often the ones that struggle most with body image, weight and are ultimately always unsatisfied with their progress.

You will only progress and you will only succeed when you develop passion in the area you want to change. Your intrinsic motivations have got to go deeper in the way you eat, the way you workout, and the way you live. It has to mean something to you that makes you want to get up and pursue it. Without passion, you will never see the change you want to see in your body, in your health or in your life.