Sometimes in life we choose to let people in closer than what's appropriate for that particular relationship. The problem that arises from this is that not everyone is meant to be in your "inner circle". I have experienced first hand what it's like to let too many people close to my heart, only to end up getting hurt. Taking full responsibility for my own actions, I realize that I have enabled this by my own behaviour to improperly guard my heart. Guarding my heart doesn't mean I have to be cold to people, but it does mean that not everyone gets to know me on a deeper or intimate level, and I don't have to apologize for it. Some of my clients, and maybe you have/are experiencing this, are excited about changing their lifestyles and out of pure, innocent excitement, might share their endeavours with too many people. The problem with this is that misery loves company, and not everyone is going to be on board with your new life. Be careful who you share your heart with, not everyone is going to be on your celebration train, and that's ok. Know who your adversaries are and who your cheerleaders are. Of course you don't just want to hang around people who only appease you and will never challenge you, but don't talk about the treasures you store inside with thieves.

This was on my heart to share with my community of followers and all my clients who are trying hard to lose weight or change their life styles, but are amongst people who are cynical and who would rather bring them down than build them up. This is a writing that I've done, not only for me, but for those of you out there who have struggled behind the scenes, and who are trying to be better.


I've laid my cards on the table

You lay down your judgement

A chain link fence around my soul

You can see through the wire

Thinking you know me so well

But you haven't seen behind the scenes

Sitting in my wooden box

Alone and tearing at the seams

You hear my laughs

They masquerade

The false happiness is shown on my face

You don't care to dive right in

You're shallow waders, too egotistical to swim

More complex than what's displayed

It's my own fault I expected your grace

So here I am, I guard my heart

The chain link fence

Becomes a fort

A secret place that no one knows

Except the ones that know my soul

Apologize not

I don't feel guilt

You weren't apart of the house I built

I close the door

You stand outside

Missing the beauty that's inside

As I grow up and realize

I formed my circle from a web of lies

Only I can live my life

Your opinions of me don't survive

Cocooned in life, in love, and grace

I will not let you invade my space

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