If you aren't successful in what you have been trying to achieve, a very likely cause is that  you haven't created an environment that would foster success. Success in anything takes work, it doesn't just fall from the sky onto your lap. You have to  wake up everyday and consciously make the decision to create your own world, and to cultivate a breeding ground for excellence. If you are struggling with proper eating, it's because you are not creating an environment for success. Excellence begets excellence. If you want to eat properly but surround yourself with people that don't care about health, or have a bunch of food in your house that isn't good for you, you have created a toxic environment around you. I'm not saying ditch all your friends who eat chips, but I am saying, get around people who want to better themselves if you want to better yourself.

If you hang out with criminals, you are more than likely going to get into crime. If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people, people who are determined and who live lives of excellence. Here are some steps to create an environment for success:

1. Remove anything that inhibits you from achieving your goals. This could be having food in your house that would deter you from eating properly, or people who don't care about your goals and push you to eat the foods you're trying to stay away from. If it doesn't push you towards your goal, it's a roadblock, whatever that looks like to you.

2. Surround yourself with successful people. If you don't know any successful people, search them out. We have the whole world right at our fingertips, success is literally a click away. Listen to podcasts, follow blogs about health, and start creating your own environment where you are consistently listening and getting information from successful people. Some people that I get information from is Dr.Mercola, The Model Health Show, The Art of Charm, Kris and Kathy Vallaton, Rusty Moore, and many others. Listening to these few people cover my physical, emotional, and spiritual success, because they are all successful in what they do.

3. Don't give up when times are tough. I realize that this sounds fairly cliché, but it is truly the secret for success. A good friend of mine told me this quote "Successful people do what unsuccessful people don't want to do". Nothing stays easy, but the challenge is what makes the story and the outcome that much better. Change your mindset about going through trials and turbulence. Look at it from the perspective that you are growing "muscle of resilience".

Start with these three steps. Remove the inhibitors, surround yourself with successful people, and push through turbulence. These are the most crucial steps towards creating your own environment of success. Know who your cheerleaders are, and know your nay-sayers are.

One last quote, "I did not just dream about success, I worked for it".